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Imagination IS For Self-Elevation

Your Brain is a problem solver; your thoughts form the problem and your feelings alert those thoughts. Imagination is a tool. It is as real and effective as instinct, intuition and insight. I hope I might write clearly enough that you might catch the vision I'll be presenting to you: "Imagination IS For Self-Elevation".

Imagination should not be confused with illusion or fantasy. It may be perceived by some that because Imagination takes place in the mind, somehow there is no real tangibility to it....

We are all using imagination, everyday. Because imagination is a tool, it can be used to help us. When used rightly, imagination helps our vision, our goals, our planning and our process; it's our ability to create advances. It helps lead and guide us from basic ideas through the completion of seeing these ideas come about.

Although imagination happens first in the mind, it is not just for minds sake. It's your minds way of presenting a type of scenario; One that might become true. So herein is where I find an issue. I wouldn't dare argue that someone not have a "vivid" imagination. But vivid is not synonymous with "good". If your imagination were good, it would help you to be and accomplish more of what you desire. My point being that, "Imagination IS For Self-Elevation". Not that one should lack humility, good sense and self-control, of course.

Now trying is for children, but dating isn't. Ha, sorry that's for another day. I just want to make sure you're still with me. Thank you for reading. I do sincerely appreciate you.

Now, when I say self-elevation, I'm talking about potential. So in other words, "Imagination is for helping you to reach an imaginable potential."

Let me know if this is not reasonable: I think image, and even more, imagination, is similar to reflection. It's formed by what is already there( your FULL experience) and is impressed upon you or expressed through you, which, only appears because of an object(ive). This becomes an identifiable solution to your problem solving brain as a type of narrative, creation, production and instruction of ideas toward desirable OR from undesirable results. Legos, my loves, legos.

You have all the components for imagination, but you might not be conscious to the reality that you are the builder of that imagination. We greatly desire the construction of better circumstances. Do we also desire to construct better responses though? Look at the opportunities.

Life will present to you a problem, an attitude, parade of circumstances, misunderstandings and injustices. Just imagine now, you respond in peace, truth, grace, or love; with kindness, integrity, balance or understanding; seeking the truth of the matter, not being crushed, offended, or surprised. Can you do all of this without soon feeling that you need to be "relieved" of doing so much "good", or feeling that you did some "good" by not doing "worse"?

Dr. Maxwell Maltz wrote a book, Psycho-Cybernetics. In it, it says, "Experimental and clinical psychologist have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the human nervous system cannot tell the difference between an 'actual' experience and an experience imagined vividly and in detail." This quote helped me understand some things about myself and my own imagination. It's a great read or listen.

Why do we love entertainment like video games, movies, music, poetry, art, literature and plays? Don't they often seem to maximize our imagination, help us to reach levels and enter into spaces that are beyond ourselves or within ourselves? They inspire us to "live" better. They allow us to(if even for a moment) "be" more. Even more, with this influence, within those moments, we somehow embody and "self-elevate" to the thoughts, notions, cues and movements. We become "like" that which we imagine of ourselves. Don't sleep on me y'all, tap in.

You Can use that brain of yours to accomplish much. The same imagination that makes you more "like" whoever/whatever, you should use to become more you. You think you're great, well be great. You think you're nice, lol, ok, be nice then. You think you're smart, ok, get money then, invest, start a business, help your people. Do it the right way. Stop cutting corners. Stop being sneaky dammit. Finish college if that is Your goal. Get the promotion you think you deserve. Be as fit, or as fly as you wanna be. Just Do something. Naw fa real tho, Do something.

You can wrap your mind around being like, or trying to be, someone or something ELSE.

But you can't seem to wrap your mind around being a better SELF.

"Imagination IS for Self-Elevation" y'all.

And if you don't know how. Well.

I guess you've got a bad imagination. But that's for another post. I love you guys. I hope I said something worth your time. And if not I appreciate you being bored enough to waste it here. Subscribing would be nice. A twitter, instagram, or youtube follow would be cool tho too. The links are somewhere around here.... I need to go pick up my wife... lol Later World.

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