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24' Was

Welcome to your future's past.

Currently you are in the present. The leverage you have right now is the ability to act. Everything you want is a potential future for you. Everything else is quickly becoming a distant past.

Many people talk about the idea of living or having expectancy in the endeavors of life. This is usually paired with or follows some sort of goal setting and plan completing. I love the small wins. I love the BIG wins. I love lessons and the expression of accomplishments.

Let me add an expression for you: 24 WAS...

You see, this is the moment for you to look again into that future and get excited, because today, right now even, you can begin to paddle your boat towards fulfilment.

We already know that we are facing unremorseful, uncaring, unforgiving and unforeseeable forces of nature. There is no end to the "schinnatts" (made up word) that come for us daily seeking to stop us in our tracks, destroy and sidetrack us from the fulfilment we would otherwise feel. This is how we end up saying what could have been vs what was.

For example, I want to say 24 was the year I got my business admin level. 24 was the year I increased my income and spent more time with my family or reconnected with meaningful friends. Whatever the case, it just feels better for me at this time to pursue what I intend this year's end to be rather than waiting to say all that it wasn't.

You don't have to say what will be or what you hope it's going to be. Just head that way. Your future is there. Don't worry about what isn't because that's already in your past. 24 is already here and 25 is what's waiting now. I'm just saying that what 25 will be based on whatever 24 was. And here's your chance to take it and make it.


Other Things to Look For in 24:

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