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Wasting Time Proving Nothing

Here is what I want to tell you up front.

Where you are in life, is ok.

I know that the burden of showing proof has been tasking for you.

Literally creating reality from dreams that someone or group of people failed to acknowledge or believe.

I know.

I know that the majority of the time.

You've got nothing to prove.

And that sometimes you do. To yourself, of course. Your fam and loved ones, yes. Your supporters, aw man, you know I understand that. The shareholders... nuff said.

So it's coolin, ya diggs me. I don't have much more to say. I'm not telling you what to do. I don't like unwarranted advice, either.

Personally, I've spent a good portion of my life proving things about myself and what I believe. Other than dealing with the law, I realized it changed nothing. Some things went accordingly and others went away. I'm still doing what I want. What I thought I was proving I was just hoping for. In reality I just needed better reasons to not look and feel so selfish. And I don't presume that this is the case for you or that you even relate. All I'm saying is that I don't typically resent anything because my decisions have never felt forced. And I know, that some people may feel trapped by that force. The intentions of others to be fulfilled by you, to your own detriment. And now, you feel like you're not where you intended to be.

It's alright my G.

Ay homegirl don't trip.

Where you are in life, is ok. Living is Hard.

You don't have to prove it. Just be. Know that, what it is, is what it is. Don't confuse the two. Be your best intended self.

Make decisions for the best intended outcome. Let the truth of your life, prove itself.

Redeem the Time.

You can't prove what is, with what is not.

THAT, would be. A whole lot, of Wasting Time Proving Nothing.

*I've been there. You can be in control of you own life and narrative starting now.

** Suggested song "Living is Hard", "Reality", "No Advice" "Free to Believe"

listen to those free!!!

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