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What freedom do you seek? Pt. 1

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

One of my goals for this year is to record more music than last year. And last year I put out 15 songs.

So far I'm at 2 songs.

  1. No Tradition

  2. By Any Means

As of now, songs will first be added here to the website. You can always view and listen through your computer or mobile device. You can join my personal app space " Ride with the Valet" through the banner on the home page or add your email address.

So welcome , or welcome back, to my place in the web. I'm learning how to operate from this place into others, and not the other way around.

It's the freedom really.

To speak on various topics, to question, and ponder... all that deep shx you know.

Also to make my music, video talks, blogs, forum's, share info and learn. So as I learn that I'll be offering more of this space and less of the other social networks.

So here's to my found freedom. Let it speak for itself. The opinions have lost their value, rather fortunately. I'll be writing more on things later.

For now.

Go listen to my new song "By Any Means" tap the music tab, or the following link

You'll always get it first here. Buy the song if you feel it. You'll be helping support myself and the producer of the track. That's the best way. Or Streaming it sometime in the future, alot, and sharing it. Don't be afraid to gas me up tho. Or not. Haha

Ay, let me get up outta here. I gotta go park a car.

It's Valet,

I Love Ya.


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