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You Can Be Free Pt. 3 on Freedom

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Freedom is a trigger word.

It's a loaded word.

It's a phrase.

It's a concept.

It's misunderstood.

There seems to be too many isolated ideas about freedom when it comes to conversations. And I'd rather enjoy coming to an understanding of trying to grasp how freedom can be broad enough for every participant.

No matter how you define freedom, one thing is for sure, we gotta talk about the umbrella of it's opposite. When approaching a subject like freedom, far too often we are caught up in a conversation about oppression, bondage, restriction, slavery, restraint, injustice, pain, offense etc etc... what was our focus again? Oh right,... freedom.

The trap is everywhere. If mentally captive it becomes challenging to properly process and respond. If emotionally oppressed you just don't even know. If spiritually captive you might find your self always thinking of, well, yourself; oddly enough. If physically captive; need I say more?

Freedom is what we desire. Or at least we think we do; until we consider the responsibility freedom brings. I truly believe most people don't want freedom, because most people don't want to be responsible. We ideally see a free person as one who is protected from responsibilities rather than bound by them.

I think we hear a great deal of people say things about freedom being "their" "right to choose", "have options", do what they want, go where they want, be who/what they want... and typically it comes down to wanting this freedom as long as there is no one else to hold them/us responsible for our actions or even consequences, that we don't want, to hold ourselves to. Clearly, that, is not, freedom. The very fact that the response is an opposition confines the idea. Let me try to wrap this up.

In my last post I questioned a few ideas about freedom I've been in conversations about. Whether it's a state of mind, a living practice or a set of boundaries? And truly I think it's all three.

Within boundaries, being able to live practically eases the mind. My thought on freedom, personally.

There may not be a perfect metaphor or scenario , but, "true freedom is living within boundaries" that provides for someone a living practice that gives them an ease of mind.

Freedom is broad, but it is meant to be, and it's experience exist in tiers. I have all kinds of lofty ideas about freedom because I've gone through many trials considering what true freedom is. And I'm free. Living to Be Known is freedom. Living in Forward Motion is freedom.

I think that when you experience freedom from any thing that was a hold on you, you hope and want for everyone else to experience the same.

Freedom is in the ability to share space respectably. It's an agreement to love, practically, thy neighbor.

You may be wondering why the title of this post is about unattractive, unpersuasive, and unprofitable freedom? Well I truly believe that anyone looking for freedom isn't. And as much as we don't want to be oppressed, or any other opposite term, to realize that if the thing holding you is in charge and if it were to let you go, would you know what to do? Would you be able and ready to take over? After everything that's been taken from you, is what you're left with enough to do what needs to be done? That's the ugly part. Your fear of freedom.

This is why we often feel like "if it isn't one thing... it's another", we're more use to being under the heel of life than the freedom of life.

What I offer, is that it doesn't have to be "one thing or another." There's a better way.

Decide your boundaries, live in them and move freely. That's all I got for you today concerning that thought. Feel free to chime in, respectably of course. See you on the next thought.

Let me freak your mind right fast with an original poem.

"Space is dangerous.

The space to Love is dangerous.

Boundless love is dangerous.

Keep Love in Bounds.

Love freely.

Only if You're Free to Love

Will You Love

Love is not justice.

Love is free.

What we seek is to be freed.

So we can Be Free

To Free Any

What is it to be Free?

Love Me.

Godly, isn't it." - Valet Del Roy

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