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Looking for Freedom Pt. 2

Updated: Feb 23

I really hate being "one of them."

You know them right?

Whoever I sound like, think like, act like, like, like, like... Who are themmmmm?

What do they have to do with me?

Ultimately, I don't want to be compared to anyone or assumed that I'm like or trying to be like someone else. It can feel like, you assume that I know about them or care about what they're doing. If I don't compare myself to others, why should I let you?

Why aren't my ideas good enough for me, just because you don't understand? Why isn't it the move, that you find out more about me, rather than telling me about someone else?

It's really that I go to war over these assumptions. Let me represent for me, in every way, unless my lawyer is present, hahaha.

Anyway, when you compare, or assume even, you're saying that you "already know", or understand what's coming next and "you" "are past what I'm on", "already".

So you don't keep reading, or listening, or watching, or engaging... because... You already know what you're going to get, and you don't want to be involved.

Now is it really that serious? Yea.

Maybe it's a difference of opinion or a misunderstanding that is holding "you"?

I witness people annoyed by their own everyday life, seeing everyday people, doing everyday things, who all "think the same", "do the same", "pursue the same", "things" meaning, contrary to oneself, i.e. "You", i.e. "Me"

Basically, if we compare, we're selfish. That's how I feel. Maybe you don't think so, that's cool.

I don't want to be like youuuuuuu!

I want to be free from being misunderstood by people who have little understanding.

Shout out to you if you feel me. I know you tired of them, too.

Because they are not free. And they don't think you are either.

The worst part is they do not know it, they think they're free, but whether freedom is a state of mind, a living practice or a set of boundaries, is also for another post.

I don't want to feel dependent on being relevant to "whom ever." I can't keep up with anyone else's mind, and I don't plan on trying.

I have idea's that are not common. I just don't want you to assume you understand that.

And I wish you felt free enough to truly consider what I'm saying is better than what's accepted.

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