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HOW BAD...Your Imagination Affects You

Hey World

I'm going to get strait to it. You have a bad imagination. That bad imagination affects you negatively. You just might not see how though. So now I'm on your radar and I want you to stop that noise.

You're like, "but Valet", "but Delroy", "but D-Roc..."

Naw. I'm talking now. And that talk you're talking isn't helping you or me. And if we make it to the end of this... Then let me know what you think hahaha. I love you guys.

Exhibit 1 -

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in the preface of his book, Psycho-Cybernetics, writes: "Experimental and clinical psychologists have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the human nervous system cannot tell the difference between an 'actual' experience and an experience imagined vividly and in detail."

Read that again two more times.

That quote should be enlightening.

Basically it says that when we imagine the way life"should, could or would be", we can easily get it confused with the way things are. Our system actually believes that because someone looks at us after whispering to someone else, that whatever was said was about us and in this case, something "negative". Because you're walking around self-conscious and focused on yourself, you somehow actually believe that others are focused on you too, and without any evidence to prove it. Therefore, by imagining that others have jealousy, bad attitude and grievances against you, you've not only assumed, but have also accepted it as truth without the knowledge to back what's in "your imagination" up. Now you're all emotionally entangled. You, because of your imaginary truth, now have been emotionally thrown off, and in acceptance of this imaginary truth, you also then respond to it.

So let's say you then come close to these people who whisper. If you respond positively, you feel better because you think you've been the better person here. If you respond negatively, you feel better because you've found justice or protected your already self-brandished ego. Either way, it's fake, because you responded to a fake, imagined, scenario. You imagined something in detail, and now you're acting on it. This is the result of a bad imagination. Many lives have been negatively affected because of it.

Ask, "How Bad? How bad is my imagination? Do I respond to what is actually there, based on what i actually know? Or do I assume and accept and act without what I know"? Of course you assume. That's the truth and that's what you need to accept. I want you to imagine that you will no longer respond to people based on how "you think" they feel about you. Soon, you'll play yourself if you haven't already, and all over a bad, fake, self-centered, imagination. Let's keep going.

Exhibit 2 -

Christian Jarret & Joannah Ginsburg wrote a book together called Psychology: Adventures in Perception and Personality. The way they put it is: "Although it feels as though we see the world as it really is, perceptual system depends on various short-cuts and assumptions when processing incoming sensory information. These perceptual processes can be exploited or 'hacked' by designers, thereby changing how people see the environment. If you alter people's perceptions, psychologist have demonstrated that you inevitably influence how they behave."

I want to talk about dating but ya'll not ready. Stick with me though and we'll get there someday. Back to this last quote though.

How do I break this down?... Your mind is not playing tricks on you, although some of the things on your mind do. Some of the things you've let in there have been made, by people, who have designed them to trick you. And it's been done at your expense, for profit. In the last exhibit you played yourself. In this one, you get played. Boom! Should've just said that the first time. Anyway.

Let's say you like playing video games. It could be watching TV, hanging at the bar, fitness or any available leisure, but in this case it's video games for my guys, or think social media for ladies. Now neither are wrong. Both were actually designed to be of great interest for you, something that you would spend time and attention on. When engaging with them you accomplish a number of things like passing levels, all the secrets, all the points and ratings, communicating with people, gaining information, networking and staying in touch. Ok, so?

Doing things makes us happy and keeps us feeling successful. Maybe you've spent 30 hours completely putting your mind to conquering a game but not perfecting your craft, or work, or family life, self or money...The things we all love to say are important to us... Your getting played. Because you ARE accomplishing great things, just the wrong things. Your imagination, being hijacked, just said "accomplishment", "next level","knowledge attained". This should do is this real life. It is not a game. And my ladies, I know life is tough. I don't relate though. But I understand there are plenty of improvements to be had on your end too. That's all.

The point is that when your focus has been hijacked, you get all the right results in the wrong categories. Do you feel me?

Exhibit 3 -

Adrian Furnham wrote 50 Psychology Ideas You Really Need To Know. In the Table of contents the highlighted, "31: Rational Decision-Making" caught my eye. When it comes to imagination, your problem solving brain comes up with alternative solutions, whether good or bad, but, Furnham says that "in decision-making you choose between them."

You're like, "Wait, did you just imply that we chose between our imaginary alternative solutions to problems?" Yep!

"You mean to tell me, that we actually have reasons that we choose from, and act on, for every scenario we face? Is that what your saying Valet?" Yes, fam, I think so. Because remember, we're talking about raaaaaaational decision-making. So if you consider yourself a raaaaaaational person, just here me out real quick y'all. If I'm wrong here you can tell me.

Here's what I think sums up this section: The book says, "Studies have shown that individuals are much more sensitive to loss than to gain - so much so that they are often willing to get involved in serious risk-taking to avoid losses...People of all backgrounds and ages would rather minimize the displeasure of loss than maximize the pleasure of gain."

So let me hit you with the real and then I'm gone y'all. How bad does your imagination affect you?

When you're making decisions, you are always faced with options. Maybe you're starting to realize that more often than not, you imagine the worst of options. You imagine how much you'll lose, if you'll fail, how hard things are, how alone you are, how horrible situations find you, and how you just can't catch a break. You imagine how you're being cheated, and taken advantage of, and how your job, relationship, family and a world of chaos is holding you back or holding you down. Well then my friend, a bad imagination has a hold of you. It's going to be OK. Difficulty is the common denominator of life. So then why take risk just to maintain? Even if you minimize the displeasure of loss, guess what? It is still a loss. Why be driven by a fear of loss and a striving to lose less? What great amount of effort have you put towards not maximizing the pleasure of gain? Would you imagine with me for a moment that you maximized the pleasure of gaining more peace, health, happiness, joy, love and money? Can you imagine that? Then make decisions that don't help you get there. I don't mean that but see how weird it sounds. Yea, it looks even more weird so stop that noise.

Imagine You Do. Imagine You Will. And Begin.

Imagination is a gift. Don't hate this gift. Learn to use it. When you do, you'll find that "Imagination IS for Self-Elevation". And if you haven't gotten a hold of that yet, it was my last blog post. Love you guys. I hope I said something that was worth your time. Thank You. Feel free to share and start arguments over anything I write with your friends. Keep Living To Be Known Y'all.

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