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"Beauty is Found Where it is Sought" - Delroy Martin Jr.

"Beauty is Found Where it is Sought" - Delroy Martin Jr.

That's an original quote right there. And It's mine. I mean it and I love it. It's for you. And it's for everyone who needs a little beauty in their life.

I don't known the state of mind you're in now. Or what joys and sorrows will come for you in the meantime. But I do know that some old sayings are true. Like doing things you put your mind to (maybe direct is a better word than put). And if your mind is given directions to get to beauty, you will end up there.

I made this to encourage you. I'm not talking about finding beauty in some horrible or clearly destructive type thing. Though I could argue and win. But rather than that I want to remind you about beauty.

Our minds are so valuable. It's the filter of signaling. At times, all is going well and we only see the green lights of life. Other times feel like red light after red light after red like. Or like bad traffic when you're rushing.

I don't think I could give an example to sum up all the different circumstances we could, would or should find beauty in. So let me put it this way: No person is perfect right, we love saying that, but we still want to be admired, respected, honored, loved and helped beyond every imperfection we may have. We still want others to see the beauty in us and our lives, even if some of the features aren't the most pleasant to witness or experience. And we humans all love to swear up and down that it's true if people would just look and see it.

That's why we value friendship so much. It's like, "Yea, life around me is ugly, but you knowing that and choosing to be here is special. It's beautiful, thank you." And we know, "everybody ain't cho friend!" Cuz that's what Mama used to say. And we all see mama like Bobby Busche. hahahahahah.

Do not @ me on this if you disagree. If you want to argue about something, write your own blog and invite me.

Anyway. Welcome to a new site and journey with me. This makes the blog part official. Just a real me and a whole lotta ugly, hoping you find some beauty. I love y'all. Glad you're here. I have so many things for you in the coming years. I've said too much now. Please Subscribe and stay a while.

Love, Delroy

"Beauty is Found Where it is Sought" - Delroy Martin Jr.

How is a whole 'nother question. We'll get there in the future.

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