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Opportunities Window Stays Open

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

You ever envy a pessimist?

Have you ever wanted to be like the person that has no answers?

You know, the person who's always stuck in a rut? Yea, you might feel like that person, but have you ever said, "I can't wait to feel stuck again"?

Have you really?

Are you really that type of thrill seeker? Because I don't believe the extremist are pessimist at all, but rather opportunist.

I'm not asking you these questions to prove you are a pessimist. I'm not trying to put the pessimist down in any way. Every type has a place in this world. I'm trying to use a common way to express that there is no lack of choices and chances but a lack of vision, positive imagination, and perseverance... maybe.

There are plenty of reasons why we may pass one opportunity over another. As many have said, "when one door closes, there's another that opens". When one route is cut off, another one appears. Chaos creates opportunity of a sort. Look at the last 2.5 years. There are so many new things happening that the average person cannot keep up.

What's my deal then?

My deal is that I was trying the pessimist thing for a minute. Silently, quietly. I'll have to spare you the details but, it's too easy. It's so easy that it's unfulfilling. And you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm not going to carry on with the explanations. It's literally wasting your own time I've always known living is hard, but even the guys I know living on the streets don't make it as hard on themselves. Quite a few of them are making more than a minimum wage worker. They've chosen a different way of putting their efforts to use. Now how's that for a dose of motivation?

It's obvious that a pessimist is an opportunities most disrespectful foe. The pessimist believes in possibility but gives no credit to opportunity. It's believing in the unseen science of creation while not believing in the "unseen" God of creation. Choose a side...a definitive side. Not, "I believe, I don't believe".

Opportunity is the only window that stays open. How dare you walk up to it and refuse not to look. Wait, how did that sound?

Opportunity doesn't close its window; it just changes its frame. A window is not a door. You cannot walk through it. I'm sure you're thinking of some clever way to oppose what I'm getting at but look at you, taking the opportunity to be all clever and creative. You are not a pessimist at all. You're just not that good at the things you want to be good at.

So, here's the window my dear reader. Another opportunity to get better. Haaaa! There you go again. Redirect that imagination and try elevating. Instead of thinking of all the ways you WON'T work, start thinking of all the ways you WILL, and how many ways you can ATTEMPT to make it happen.

I'm taking some chances again this year. I haven't written a blog since last April. I've been looking for freedom. Opportunity is freedom. It's not easy. That'll make me a pessimist. It's easy to be defeated before a battle. You want to enter the race planning to be last, all while hoping to be last. Why did you come? That wouldn't require so much effort. Everything achieved would actually be a greater burden than a blessing... wow.

You know what?

Do Something!

I'm getting on Youtube again. Subscribe here. I'll keep making music and posting here. I'll keep selling merch and posting here. I also wrote a book and I plan to do, learn, and share more this year, and I really hope to inspire my friends, family and a lot of you readers to do the same.

Opportunities Window Stays Open. You cannot close it, so why ignore it? Choices and chances, principles and practices, you and opportunities. That's what I'm talkin' bout.

Thank You for reading

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1 Comment

Definitely modeling this. I have the opportunity to achieve my goals of better health and eating habits. I'm doing it one month at-a time. I don't think much of it, I'm just choosing to do it!

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