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The Love of A Man

Updated: May 5, 2022

I don't plan to be long but I do want to be direct and focus on uplifting you as there are plenty of platforms and opinions around the world that are focused on many things.

"Men, Your Capacity to Love is Overwhelming."

I want you to focus on that statement.

Realize that there is no love like yours.

Don't twist this.

Your love is not dangerous, not if it's love.

Your love is not crazy, not if it's love.

Your love is reasonable.

Your love is light.

So love.

When you do, I guarantee you will be overwhelmed.

Sharing and giving love is overwhelming because it is illuminating.

Your love is light. Light represents life because you cannot see without it.

It reveals truth and exposes what it is not.

When you see in you what love is not, do not hide behind that shadow. Remove the item and let that light blind you. Turn around and look upon that shadow that is you. Do you understand that you cannot hide behind yourself?

When we understand this, it causes us to build up everything around us so that others can witness this light by standing on the platform we build.

The greatness in your love is to show the way, so that when the exposure of what love is not comes upon those you love, it is only the shadow of your own that covers the shadows of others. It allows them to turn and not be so blinded by the light and shows how much love surrounds you all. It's the idea that even the shadow of your love can be overwhelming.

This is the love of God. That God's love covers you. That your love should cover others.

I hope this is a blessing for you.

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